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Chukmanjae Irrigation Facility in Suwon

수원축만제 ( 水原祝萬提 )

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Classification Monument
Name of Cultural Properties Chukmanjae Irrigation Facility in Suwon
Designated Date 2005.10.17

This irrigation facility is located in Hwaseodong, Paldalgu, Suwon City. Built on the west side of Hwaseongbu, it is also called Seoho, as it is located on the west side of Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon. When he was constructing the Fortress, King Jeongjo used 30 thousand yang of his own private funds to have this irrigation facility built.

Two floodgates were installed at both ends of the embankment, and these were devices for utilizing the water trapped in the reservoir. As it was a nationally important dam, one supervisor and one manager were assigned to manage the embankment. The size of the garrison farm that was set up on the lower side of the reservoir reached a total of 83 seok, 15 du, 4 seungrak in terms of rice paddy.

After King Jeongjo ascended to the throne, he realized that the key to improving the technology and environment of agriculture was in irrigation facilities. Therefore, while constructing Hwaseong Fortress, he built Manseokgeo, Mannyeonjae, and Chukmanjae in nearby areas. After several embankments were constructed and water properly managed, the wastelands were transformed into fertile soil. This facility holds an important position in the history of agricultural irrigation in the late Joseon Dynasty.