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Three Storied Stone Pagoda of Gamsansa Site

감산사지삼층석탑 ( 甘山寺址三層石塔 )

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Classification Cultural Properties Materials
Name of Cultural Properties Three Storied Stone Pagoda of Gamsansa Site
Designated Date 1985.08.05

Gamsan temple was built by Gim Ji-seong in 719. the 18th year of Silla King Seongdeok. This pagoda was reconstructed in 1965. Its height is 3.3m, and it has the two-part foundation. The lower pedestal consists of 4 stones. Each corner and center pillars are carved on it. On the upper pedestal are carved corner and center pillars. The cover stone comprises two stones. The roof-stone is 4-stepped. At present, the 2nd and 3rd body stones are missing. The roof-stones remain. The pagoda is typical of the Unified Silla pagodas.