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Jinnamnu Pavilion of Girimsa Temple

기림사진남루 ( 祇林寺鎭南樓 )

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Classification Cultural Properties Materials
Name of Cultural Properties Jinnamnu Pavilion of Girimsa Temple
Designated Date 1991.09.06

Little is known about the origin and history of Jinnamnu Pavilion at Girimsa Temple except that its name, literally meaning "suppression of the south (Japan)," might be related with the fact that the temple was used as a base for the local righteous army and warrior monks who fought against the Japanese forces that invaded Korea in 1592, starting the seven-year war called Imjin waeran (1592-1598). The current building is believed to have been rebuilt during the mid-eighteenth century.
The building has panel walls with paper-windowed doors which have, however, lost their original features.