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Jungnimdong Cathedral, Chuncheon

춘천 죽림동 주교좌성당 ( 春川 竹林洞 主敎座聖堂 )

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Classification National Registered Cultural Heritage
Name of Cultural Properties Jungnimdong Cathedral, Chuncheon
Quantity One Building 489.27㎡
Designated Date 2003.06.30
Age 1949
Address 30, Jungnim-dong, Chuncheon, Gangwon-do

This building represents the church buildings of Missionary Society of St. Columban that was engaged in the pastoral care of the Chuncheon Diocese. This wooden building has bell tower in the mid-front area which characterizes itself with bell axis length that’s significantly extended considering the height and width of the building itself. Inside the building is designed as one big hall without any colonnade. The cathedral prides on high degree of completion with majestic keystone with cross pattern installed in the center of main gate arch. It represents Korea’s stone cathedral architecture during 1950s.