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Hanging Painting of Dasolsa Temple, Sacheon

사천 다솔사 괘불도 ( 泗川 多率寺 掛佛圖 )

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Classification National Registered Cultural Heritage
Name of Cultural Properties Hanging Painting of Dasolsa Temple, Sacheon
Quantity 1 item
Designated Date 2014.10.29
Address Gyeongsangnam-do Sacheon-si

The Hanging Painting of Dasolsa Temple in Sacheon was created based on the faith of Amitabha Buddhism, which was widely practiced in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do Province after the late Joseon period. It is considered an important relic for the study of monk-painters’ exchanges in early twentieth-century Korea. Both the traditional coloring technique and the western shading method were applied to the painting, which is characterized by the stable proportions of the Buddha’s body. The painting’s sophisticated and luxurious patterns further enhance its artistic value.