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NRICH Launches <Traditional Materials Laboratory> Online Exhibition
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NRICH Launches <Traditional Materials Laboratory> Online Exhibition

- Introducing the Korean Traditional Materials: Dancheong pigments, Lime and Hanji
- June 14th through the Daum Kakao Gallery

The National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage (NRICH, Director General, Ji, Byong Mok) will hold an online exhibition titled ‘Traditional Materials Laboratory’ through the Daum Kakao Gallery ( on June 14th.

‘Traditional Materials Laboratory’ will play the role as the research archives introducing the overall research achievements. In particular, not only the ‘Research Specimen’ will be the exhibition contents, but it will also serve as material references which differentiate itself from the other existing displays. Also the official logo of the ‘Traditional Materials’ designed withvarious kinds of material references will be launched to better promote thetraditional materials research field to the general public. The main themes of the exhibition are as follows: ▲ Dancheong pigments: the Colors of Tradition and Nature; ▲ Lime: Wonders of the Ancient Architecture; ▲ Hanji: A Thousand Year Old.

The exhibition consists total of 53 pieces introduced into two parts. Part 1 ‘Traditional Materials for Cultural Heritage Restoration’ will display three main materials and demonstrate the production process of the mostsuitable materials for the restoration of cultural heritage. Part 2 ‘The Grand Finale: Traditional Materials Laboratory’ will present the manufacturing process and the material references based on the scientific research.

The NRICH hopes that this online exhibition will provide the general public with a platform to experience the importance of the historical value and the research needs regarding traditional materials for restoration of cultural heritage. Upcoming September, we plan to host the Traditional Materials Research Academic Symposium to share our research achievements and to discuss the best practices from the field. 

Division: RestorationTechnology Division

In National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage, Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea

Contact Person: Park, Jongseo (82-42-860-9341)

                       Kang, Soyeong (82-42-860-9349)

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