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International Symposium Digital Transformation of Archaeological Information
International Cooperation Division

International Symposium Digital Transformation of Archaeological Information

- Addressing Challenges triggered by Digital System Transformation of Korean Archaeology Information / YouTube Live Stream on September 28th -

The National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage of the Cultural Heritage Administration (KIM Yeonsoo, General Director; hereafter NRICH) will host the International Symposium under the theme of ‘Digital Transformation of Archaeological Information’ on September 28th, at 9:30 a.m. at Hotel ICC, Daejeon. 

  The upcoming symposium is a platform to discuss the potential tasks and strategies needed for Korean Archaeology to move toward the digital transformation of information surpassing simple digitalization during the current era of Digital Transformation. The event is divided into two sessions: 1) different case studies on collection, management, and application of archaeological data in and out of the country; 2) the future models for digital transformation. Both sessions will each consist of four thematic presentations followed by the discussion sessions afterwards.

*Digitalization: Raising efficiency of conventional processes on the digital basis by applying computerized results without bringing direct changes to the processes

** Digital Transformation: Converting the process itself by the digital technological developments. Improving organizations and cultures through the new operation processes  

   The first morning session will begin with the presentations on ▲ The Past and Present of Establishing Archaeological Information System (Lee Chorong, NRICH), ▲ Discovering the Archaeological Sites throughout Japan (Takada Yuichi, Ho Soyeon, Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Japan), ▲ Arches for Archaeological Information (Annabel Lee Enriquez, Getty Conservation Institute, Eric Kansa, Open Context, USA), and ▲Sustainability and Interoperability of Online Heritage Sources (Julian D. Richards, University of York, UK), followed by a discussion session involving the speakers, moderated by Prof. Ahn Jaehong (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology).

  The second session in the afternoon will cover the following topics: ▲Strategies and Implementations for Archiving Archaeological Information (Kim Hyeon, Academy of Korean Studies), ▲ Establishment Plan for a Platform for Application of Archaeological Information (Hong Seungmo, PoSTMEDIA), ▲Transformation of the Dictionary of Korean Archaeology: Establishment of a GIS-based Knowledge Platform (Kang Dongseok, Dongguk University), ▲Strategies and Challenges – Digital Transformation of Archaeological Information (Kim Bumcheol, Chungbuk National University),followed by the discussion session moderated by Prof. Park Soonbal (Chungnam National University) to share the future tasks.

  Anyone with the on site registration at the venue can attend the event, which will also be streamed live on YouTube ( NRICH welcomes and looks forward to a large attendance of interested participants. For more information, contact the NRICH office at 042-860-9180.

  The National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage of the Cultural Heritage Administration seeks to enhance user satisfaction by establishing the future model of Archaeological Information and will continue to make efforts to activate the studies of Korean Archaeology.


Division: National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage

          Research Division of Archaeology

Contact person: YI Insuk(82-42-860-9172), LEE Chorong(82-42-860-9180)

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