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Vision & Mission


KHS contributes to the advancement of national culture through conservation and by creating values from national heritage.

By creatively harnessing and preserving national heritage, KHS will illuminate our future as the world’s leading cultural nation.

  1. 1. Establish the base for conservation and management of national heritage by enhancing the quality of heritage policy and research and training specialists in the field of national heritage
  2. 2. Enhance the quality of conservation and management of national heritage in order to increase the social, historical and economic values of national heritage
  3. 3. Expand the value of our national heritage domestically and internationally by increasing opportunities for the appreciation of national heritage


KHS was established to safeguard the integrity of cultural traditions of Korea and enhance the cultural life of Korean people by preserving and promoting the use of national heritage.

Designation and Registration of National Heritage

KHS manages important cultural properties, which were designated as State or City/Province-designated Cultural Heritage. The State-designated Cultural Heritage such as National Treasures and Treasures is directly managed by KHS, and in the case of City/Province-designated Cultural Heritage, KHS supports local governments for their management. KHS also registers particular cultural properties that require special attention for conservation as Registered Cultural Heritage.

Approval for Alteration and Excavation

To alter State-designated Cultural Heritage and their protected areas or to excavate underground or underwater cultural properties, the approval of a KHS Administrator is necessary. KHS also supervises the export of cultural properties abroad.

Conservation of National Heritage and Financial Support

KHS provides financial support for conservation and management of national heritage. Government subsidies are also granted for the management and restoration of State-designated Cultural Heritage and for the protection and promotion of important intangible cultural heritage. The repair projects and management of the Seven Cultural Heritage Sectors including the Baekje Area and the tourist sites at the Southern coast are also financially supported by KHS.

Managing Royal Palaces, Tombs and Historic Sites of the Joseon Dynasty

KHS directly manages royal palaces and tombs of the Joseon Dynasty located in Seoul and its surrounding area, which includes Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, Changgyeonggung Palace, Jongmyo Shrine, Donggureung Tomb and Seogureung Tomb. Currently, it is carrying out several restoration projects for Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung Palaces in an effort to protect and promote the royal historic sites. KHS is also in charge of managing important historic sites such as the Historic Site of King Sejong, Hyeonchungsa Shrine and Chilbaeguichong Tomb. In addition, the National Palace Museum of Korea and National Research Institute of Maritime Cultural Heritage are also under the control of KHS.

Globalization of National Heritage and Exchange with North Korea

KHS is in charge of submitting World Heritage, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and Memory of the World candidates of Korea to UNESCO for their registration on the UNESCO lists. Through these efforts, KHS awakens people around the world to the value and excellence of Korean national heritage. It also strives to strengthen international cooperation in the field of national heritage through partnerships with other countries. By providing support for ancient tombs of Goguryeo located in the North, KHS has made an effort to promote national heritage exchange with North Korea.

Research and Investigation of National Heritage and Training Specialists

Through the National Research Institute of National Heritage, KHS conducts a variety of research and investigation for scientific conservation and the management of cultural properties. The Korea National University of Cultural Heritage, a national university specialized in natioanl heritage, was also established and being run by KHS.