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Yaksajeon Hall of Gwallyongsa Temple, Changnyeong
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Classification Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Yaksajeon Hall of Gwallyongsa Temple, Changnyeong
Quantity 1 building
Designated Date 1963.01.21
Age Early Joseon Period
Address 171, Hwawangsangwallyongsa-gil, Changnyeong-eup, Changnyeong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

Gwallyongsa Temple is one of the eight most famous temples of the Silla Dynasty, but there is no clear record of its construction. The buildings except Yaksajeon Hall were burnt down during the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592. Bhaisajyaguru Buddha, the Buddha of healing and medicine, is enshrined in this temple. There is only one room in both front and side. As a gable-roofed building, it adopts the bracket system wherein the brackets are found only on the columns. Haetalmun Gate of Dogapsa Temple in Yeongam (National Treasure No. 50) and Guksajeon Shrine of Songgwangsa Temple in Suncheon (National Treasure No. 50) have structural systems similar to Yaksajeon Hall of Gwallyongsa Temple. Although the side of the roof is extended considerably compared to its size, it preserves the beauty of balance and stability. Yaksajeon Hall is one of the rare examples of buildings that preserve the characteristics of the construction style of the early Joseon period. Even though the hall is not big, it has an excellent building structure. It is regarded as an important material in studying the history of construction in Korea.