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CH Charter

Cultural Heritage Charter

A nation's cultural heritage embodies its intellectual and spiritual contributions to the civilization of mankind. Cultural properties, whether tangible or intangible, represent both the essence and the basis of national culture. The cultural heritage of Korea, having survived vagaries of its long and tumultuous history, is particularly dear to us, Koreans.

Our ongoing efforts to understand, explore and nurture this cultural heritage deepen the love of our country and of our fellow countrymen. All of us must work together to protect our historic relics and their surroundings from becoming damaged or destroyed, since once damaged, they can never be restored to their original condition. We thus proclaim this Cultural Heritage Charter, committing ourselves to the supreme task of handing on to future generations, our spiritual and physical assets as they were handed down to us by our ancestors.

  • 1. Cultural heritage must be preserved in their original condition.
  • 1. Cultural heritage, as well as their surroundings, must be protected from indiscriminate development.
  • 1. Cultural heritage must never be destroyed, stolen, or illegally traded under any circumstances, for they are beyond material value.
  • 1. The value of our cultural heritage must be taught and widely propagated through education at home, in school and in society.
  • 1. All of us must contribute to preserving, developing and transmitting our glorious national culture.