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director general

Connecting Yesterday and Tomorrow - Welcome to the website of the Cultural Heritage Administration!

Imbued with the spirit and wisdom of our ancestors, cultural heritage is a precious treasure bridging the past with the present and opening the future as well.

In the 21st century, an era of culture, there has been a substantial shift in public interest toward cultural heritage, as well as in the ways of enjoying it.

In this regard, the Cultural Heritage Administration will devote its utmost efforts to not simply preserving and managing cultural heritage, but also to promoting it. This will infuse new life into our heritage and enhance opportunities to appreciate it within our daily lives.

Our best efforts are being extended to developing this website by providing public communication and participation services, along with a range of mobile contents suited to the rapid expansion of smartphones in order to ensure that the website serves as a platform where visitors can share and appreciate our valuable cultural heritage.

Thank you.